The Emergency Management Agency (EMA), of Nelson County, serves as the first response to the potential catastrophic events that threaten our community. On a professional level, the preparation starts with extensive training and industry standard equipment. Our members are certified though the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) National Incident Management System (NIMS) training program.


Although most disastrous situations cannot be prevented, we take every step possible to reduce the possibility of loss. Weather sirens, emergency alert systems, regulation enforcement, and pre-planning continue to eliminate potential risk. This also includes utilizing internet and media resources to decontaminate information as needed. We regularly update and provide required maintenance on our equipment for continued functionality.


By utilizing our training and our tools, we can provide efficient rescue and recovery efforts. Whether it be a hazardous materials situation, water related recovery, search and rescue mission, or stabilizing the community after a natural disaster; we can successfully provide the resources necessary to safely eliminate the hazard. We also have the ability to provide shelter and supplies necessary for survival during these disastrous situations.